Find the Solution to YOUR Energy Application

RV Systems
Power up your motorhome with wind or solar-related energy! Unwind and explore the outdoors without the use of a noisy generator. Click to learn more about the RV system possibilities we offer.
Boat Systems
Recharge your motorized boat with either a wind or solar system. You will never have to worry about going without power again. Click to learn more about the right system for all your marine applications.
Off-Grid Systems
Whether you are an occasional off-grid resident or a full-time cabin local, we can design a system to fit your cabin’s specific energy needs. Click to learn more about our cabin systems.
Back-Up Systems
It is a fact that electricity is gradually becoming more expensive. We can help you lower your electric bill or even design an emergency back-up system to ensure your home remains functional even when power is not present. Click to learn more about our back-up systems.

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Lime Solar is a Limited Liability Company that was founded in 2011. Its staff has years of experience in providing quality sales and service in the renewable energy industry. Lime Solar distinguishes itself by offering a fresh look at alternative energy solutions internationally. Our on staff engineering team is made available to customers in an effort to usher potential system designs from mere conceptions to realities in a professional manner.